Why Participate?

As a contributing employer, you'll have several advantages when you join the Fund:

  • Competitive employee health benefits. The National IAM Benefit Trust Fund can often provide better health benefits to participants, at lower costs, than a company-sponsored plan.
  • Streamlined administration. The Fund takes care of most of the paperwork and plan administration.
  • Cost convenience, regulatory ease. You know your costs up-front, including your negotiated contributions. The Fund also takes care of regulatory compliance.
  • Stability. Our more than 40-year history is one of strength, security, reliability and value.
  • You’re in good company. More than 160 contributing employer locations nationwide participate in the National IAM Benefit Trust Fund.

Contact the Fund Education and Communication Department at 1-800-457-3481 or 202-785-8148 to learn more about the National IAM Benefit Trust Fund, the different health care plan options offered by the Fund, and the steps you need to take to join the Fund.

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The Benefit Trust Fund’s more than 40-year history is one of strength, security, reliability and value.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Does the Fund offer Retiree Health Care Plans?

Yes. Employers that have negotiated a Benefit Trust Plan for their Active employees may also establish a Retiree plan.

Will the Fund cover Non-Bargaining Unit employees also?

Yes, the Fund will cover Non-Bargaining employees as long as the covered Bargaining Unit employees make up at least two-thirds of the group.

Does the Fund offer "individual" plan coverage?

No, the Fund is legally required to offer employer-sponsored benefit plans. As a Taft-Hartley Fund, our plans are negotiated through collective bargaining.

How do I obtain a quote or proposal of benefits?

For Medical Coverage:

Please go to Developing a Plan Proposal on this site for a list of the information needed for a medical plan proposal. You can also view sample schedules of benefits for Benefit Trust Fund medical coverage.

For Dental and Vision Coverage:

Schedules of the Dental and Vision coverage, including rates, are available on this site. As these benefits are pre-rated, it is not necessary to provide pre-enrollment data for review.

Does the Fund offer coverage for groups of fewer than 10 employees?

Yes—no group is too small to participate in the Benefit Trust Fund.

If I negotiate a Medical plan, do I also have to include the Dental and Vision Plans?

No. You can negotiate plans individually, or in any combination. The exception is for Short-Term Disability and Life and AD&D; these coverages are available only with a Medical plan, though they are not required.

How often are rates subject to change?

All Plans are reviewed annually; notification of rate changes is provided 30-60 days in advance of the renewal effective date.

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