The BTF Dental and Vision Plans Can Help Protect Employers’ Bottom Line

Poor oral health and failing vision are not just serious health issues for employees. Over time, they can also negatively affect employers’ profits. Consider these statistics*:

  • Dental illness accounts for 164 million work hours lost each year.
  • 164,000 American workers can’t work for an entire year due to dental problems.
  • Workers with moderate visual impairment are 25% less productive than those with 20/20 vision.

These numbers can be significantly reduced with proper dental hygiene and regular eye exams. By negotiating in the Benefit Trust Fund’s Dental and Vision Plans, employers can help ensure that their employees receive comprehensive dental and vision care at very affordable rates. Our plans cover routine examinations and preventive care, and can be negotiated in as stand-alone benefits.

* Sources: Voluntary Benefits Magazine, July 2010 and Magazine of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Fall 2009

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Dental and Vision benefits help reduce sick time and increase productivity.