National IAM Benefit Trust Fund Plans Beat the Competition

The Benefit Trust Fund provides comprehensive medical, dental, vision, short-term disability, and life and accidental death and dismemberment benefits to IAM members and their families. The Benefit Trust Fund believes strongly in the substantial value offered by our plans—especially our medical plans. And a recent study backs us up.

In the chart below, data from the Kaiser Family Foundation Survey of Employer Health Plans for 2009 shows that, when stacked up against the competition, the Benefit Trust Fund medical plans rank strongly in terms of pricing, cost increases, and provider network and quality. (The Kaiser Family Foundation is a highly respected non-profit foundation that focuses on major health care issues and trends in the U.S.)

 The CompetitionBenefit Trust Fund Medical Plans

Average Plan Cost Composite average for all Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans

$11,080 per year

$10,838 per year—
competitive with the national average

Average Annual Rate of Increase Ten-year average annual rate of increase in the cost of providing coverage

8.3% for groups with
3 – 199 participants

8.9% for groups of 200+ participants

5.9%—far better than the national average

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The Benefit Trust Fund offers competitively priced medical plans that beat the national average in terms of value.