Medical Plan Extras

As a participant in the Benefit Trust Fund medical plans, you have access to extra services at no cost to you. These value-added services are offered by CIGNA to promote better health and help you get the most out of your medical plan.

CIGNA HealthCare 24-Hour Health Information LineSM

CIGNA HealthCare 24-Hour Health Information LineSM is a telephone service staffed by medical professionals to assist employees and their covered dependents with health-related questions. The Health Information Line is available 24/7/365.

Use the Health Information Line­­ for questions about upcoming medical procedures, doctor recommendations, or finding participating medical providers when traveling.

You'll receive the toll-free 24-Hour Health Information Line number after you enroll in a Benefit Trust Fund medical plan. Once enrolled, you can access the Health Information Line phone number by logging in to CIGNA's website or by calling the Member Services number on your CIGNA medical ID card.

When you call the 24-Hour Health Information Line, you'll have two options:

  • Speak directly with a nurse. A specially trained team of nurses is on duty around the clock. The nurse will ask you a few questions about your symptoms and situation, then help you decide the type of care that would address your needs and make you more comfortable.
  • Listen to recorded information in CIGNA's audio library. You can listen to tapes on topics ranging from aging and women's health to nutrition and surgery. The tapes are regularly updated to include new treatments and medical data. You can listen to as many tapes as you'd like.

The Health Information Line is toll-free and available 7 days a week.

Healthy Rewards®

As a participant in a Benefit Trust Fund medical plan, you can take advantage of CIGNA's Healthy Rewards® program. Healthy Rewards offers discounts on a variety of a health care and lifestyle products and services. With Healthy Rewards, you can get discounts of up to 62% on:

  • Weight management and nutrition services such as Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers®
  • Fitness club membership and equipment
  • Eyewear, contact lenses, and Lasik vision correction
  • Tobacco cessation programs
  • Alternative medical services such as acupuncture, chiropractic care and massage therapy
  • Vitamins, health and wellness products.

The Healthy Rewards program is separate from your medical plan and does not require copays or coinsurance. There are no claim forms with Healthy Rewards; the service provider will simply apply the applicable Healthy Rewards discount when you purchase a covered service or product.

Not all Healthy Rewards programs are available in all areas, so log in to CIGNA's website or call CIGNA directly for more information on available programs and how to access your Healthy Rewards discounts. You can also contact the Fund Office if you need help with determining what this program provides.

Your Health First®

If you have a chronic condition, you may be eligible to participate in CIGNA's Disease Management Program. The program helps participants manage certain diseases through personal coaching, education and support.

The Your Health First program offers extra support and resources for participants with the following conditions:

•Heart Disease                     •Asthma                               •Low Back Pain
•Coronary Artery Disease      •COPD                                 •Osteoarthritis
•Angina                               •Type I or Type II Diabetes      •Depression
•Congestive Heart Failure      •Metabolic Syndrome             •Anxiety
•Acute Myocardial Infarction  •Peripheral Artery Disease      •Bipolar Disorder

Participation is voluntary, confidential, and completely free to participants. If you are contacted by CIGNA, please take the call and listen to your options. The disease management program is a valuable resource that allows you to choose the level of participation that works best for you. CIGNA will send you and your medical provider individualized program materials, or they may offer to schedule regular calls to provide one-on-one support. You can opt out if you decide not to participate, but we encourage participants to take the call and consider all options before making a decision.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The Board of Trustees of the National IAM Benefit Trust Fund added an EAP program for all medical plan participants effective January 1, 2014. Provided through CIGNA, the EAP is a program to help participants and members of their household find answers and resources to address a variety of personal concerns including counseling, legal, financial, and child care services. The EAP is strictly confidential and your participation is completely voluntary. Read the details and list of services here.

EAP resources are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The EAP toll-free number is 888-325-3978 and the Employer ID to access the EAP is "iam" or you may find EAP assistance online by clicking "Log in to access your benefits" (and entering the Employer ID: iam) at www/

The EAP provides resources for benefit managers of medical plan participating employers as well.  See management resources here, or go to the website noted above to see what is available online.  The EAP also provides helpful seminars, see this  “EAP Save the Date 2017” schedule of Cigna EAP National Wellness Seminars. 

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All value-added services are offered by CIGNA at no cost to you.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How many different plans does the Fund offer?

The Fund offers multiple Medical, Dental, and Vision plans. Short-Term Disability and Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefits are also available.

How do I notify the Fund of my address change?

If you move, please notify the Fund of your new address. To change your address,
fill out a new Enrollment Form and mail or fax it to the Fund using the mailing address or fax number found on the form. Always complete a new Enrollment Form when you have a change in personal information.

Do Medical Plans include Prescription Drug Coverage?

Yes. Our Plans include excellent prescription drug benefits.

What is a PPO?

A Preferred Provider Organization is a type of medical plan that covers the cost of eligible medical care and services received from network and non-network providers. Network providers (primary care doctors, specialists, hospitals, and other medical facilities) agree to a discounted fee schedule for services provided. When a participant or covered family member sees a network provider for care, the participant pays less out of pocket because of the discounted fees. The Fund contracts with CIGNA Healthcare for the use of their nationwide network of participating providers. There are currently more than 750,000 participating providers in the CIGNA "Open Access Plus" Network—the network used by the Fund’s medical plans.

Are participants required to receive services only from a PPO provider?

No. Participants have the choice of selecting a non-PPO physician. However, receiving services from a physician who participates in the CIGNA network may result in significant savings for participants.

Must participants have a referral from their primary care physician in order to see a specialist?

No. Referrals are not required.

Who processes health care plan claims?

Medical claims are processed by CIGNA Healthcare. Dental claims are processed by Delta Dental Insurance Company, and Vision claims are processed by Fund Office staff.

Do the Fund plans have a waiting period for "pre-existing conditions" under the medical plans?

No. The waiting periods for pre-existing conditions were waived for all plans by the Board of Trustees.

What are the age limits for dependent children?

Children can be covered dependents until they reach age 26 providing they continue to meet provisions for dependent coverage.

Does the Fund offer COBRA coverage for health care?

Yes. The Fund administers COBRA for its Contributing Employers. Upon notification from the Employer that a participant is losing coverage due to a "qualifying event," the Fund will send notification to the participant advising him or her of COBRA rights to continue health care coverage by making payments to the Fund Office.

Does the Fund offer Retiree Health Care Plans?

Yes. Employers that have negotiated a Benefit Trust Plan for their Active employees may also establish a Retiree plan.

How Do I Find a Contributing Employer?

To find a Contributing Employer click on this link to view a map and listings by territory.

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