Lynn D. Tucker, Jr.

Union Trustee

Lynn Tucker became a Trustee of the National IAM Benefit Trust Fund in August 2003.

He began his career with the Machinists Union in 1976 working for Miller Brewery in Fulton, New York. He has held a variety of elected offices in the IAM including Shop Steward, Senior Steward, Local Lodge Vice President, and Vice President and President of the New York State Council of Machinists.

Mr. Tucker was active and served in the Oswego, New York Labor Council and the Greater Syracuse, New York Labor Council. He also served as Director of the United Way in Fulton, New York, and was President of the Industrial Relations Research Association, Central New York Chapter, Syracuse, New York, and was an active member of CLUW and the NAACP.

In 1986, Mr. Tucker was elected to serve as Business Representative in District Lodge 137, Watertown, New York. Then in 1989, he was appointed Special Representative for the Eastern Territory and in 1991 advanced to the position of Grand Lodge Representative. In 1992, General Vice President George J. Poulin selected Representative Tucker to serve as his Administrative Assistant. After Vice President Poulin’s retirement in 1997, newly elected General Vice President Warren Mart selected him to continue as the Administrative Assistant of the Eastern Territory.

Elected as a General Vice President August 1, 2003, Lynn Tucker is assigned to direct IAM programs and activities in the union's Eastern Territory, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Lynn and his wife Diane live in West Chester, Ohio.

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