Union Reps and Employers

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  • Will the Fund cover Non-Bargaining Unit employees also?

    Yes, the Fund will cover Non-Bargaining employees as long as the covered Bargaining Unit employees make up at least two-thirds of the group.

  • Does the Fund offer "individual" plan coverage?

    No, the Fund is legally required to offer employer-sponsored benefit plans. As a Taft-Hartley Fund, our plans are negotiated through collective bargaining.

  • How do I obtain a quote or proposal of benefits?

    For Medical Coverage:

    Please go to Developing a Plan Proposal on this site for a list of the information needed for a medical plan proposal. You can also view sample schedules of benefits for Benefit Trust Fund medical coverage.

    For Dental and Vision Coverage:

    Schedules of the Dental and Vision coverage, including rates, are available on this site. As these benefits are pre-rated, it is not necessary to provide pre-enrollment data for review.

  • Does the Fund offer coverage for groups of fewer than 10 employees?

    Yes—no group is too small to participate in the Benefit Trust Fund.

  • If I negotiate a Medical plan, do I also have to include the Dental and Vision Plans?

    No. You can negotiate plans individually, or in any combination. The exception is for Short-Term Disability and Life and AD&D; these coverages are available only with a Medical plan, though they are not required.

  • How often are rates subject to change?

    All Plans are reviewed annually; notification of rate changes is provided 30-60 days in advance of the renewal effective date.

  • How Do I Find a Contributing Employer?

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No group is too small to participate in the Benefit Trust Fund.